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    Breasts or mammary glands are situated on the upper region of the torso. There are more defined in females as compared to males. It is a mammary gland which is responsible for the production and secretion of milk which is used to feed infants. Breasts are formed from the development and deposition of subcutaneous fat and the milk provided by these is used to provide nutrition to the baby. Some of the studies have shown that breast cancer is one of the most prevalent and most common type of cancer found in females. Women of all age groups, be it young teenage girls or elder women, are susceptible to this type of cancer. Breast cancer is a cancer which is formed by the deposition of cancerous cells on the tissues of the breast and affects almost one out of every eight women in India. There are a variety of breast cancers, which vary on the basis of their capability to spread to various other parts of the body.

    The causes of breast cancer are not known exactly however the main symptoms that give an indication of breast cancer include swelling in the breast or in a part of the breast, formation of a single or multiple lumps, swollen nipples. The patients may experience pain the shoulders and breasts. Change in the shape of the breast or nipple is also an indication of breast cancer. Breast cancer is completely curable provided it is in its initial stage. Once the stage four of the cancer is reached then survival becomes very difficult and the survival rate gets reduced so it is very important to detect and treat breast cancer on time.

    On experiencing any of the symptoms of breast cancer medical assistance should be sought immediately. The doctor will conduct all the necessary tests to determine the cause of the problem and device out a clear medical protocol to get rid of it. The type of treatment to be undertaken depends upon the adversity of the problem and the condition of the patient. It is very important to check whether the patient is eligible to undergo the procedure or not and only then proceed any further. The doctor also needs to determine whether the cancer is localised or has spread to other organs as well.

    In some cases cancer can only be cured with the help of a surgery to remove the tumor tissue. Chemotherapy is often suggested by the doctor after the tumor has been removed to nullify any chances of the cancer returning back in future. Chemotherapy is then followed up by radiation therapy. Chemotherapy reduces the risk of cancer returning back by destroying the cancer cells which might have been left in the body. The duration of time for which a patient might need to go for chemotherapy depends on how severe the cancer is and may vary from patient to patient. Some patients might need to undergo the procedure of chemotherapy for some days in a row or at times some patients may be given chemotherapy once in a week for sometime. The duration of chemotherapy may vary from around three to six months and may depend upon the type of drugs used. Some patients may experience pain and discomfort for a brief period of time following the procedure.

    In case of breast cancer it becomes necessary to go for chemotherapy to prevent it from recurring and is usually given after surgery. Breast cancer surgery cost in India is much cheaper when compared to the similar surgeries conducted in other parts of the world, especially in America. Although chemotherapy has many advantages however it has certain downfalls.
    Chemotherapy Drugs of chemotherapy include reduction in the red blood cell count, fatigue, fertility issues, excessive hair fall, memory loss and reduced immunity. Hence people undergoing chemotherapy are often asked to take proper care of their health so as to prevent infections or any other health issues which might result in health complications. After the therapy the patient should be kept in a separate room to avoid any chances of infection. Chemotherapy is one of the most efficient alternatives for breast cancer treatment.

    Hence chemotherapy is the best way to treat breast cancer and has helped million of women to fight the disease. The patient might experience certain side effects like nausea and headaches at first but these are only temporary and not a matter of concern. In certain cases, chemotherapy also delays the need of surgery, for a long time. Most of the patients who have undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer have been completely treated. The therapy should be started during the initial stages of the cancer detection as the problem is easier to treat. The facility is available in all the leading cancer treatment hospitals in India. Breast cancer is a very fatal disease but can be tackled by the combined efforts of the patients and the doctors. If you experience any of the symptoms, consult a specialist immediately for all the necessary screenings and tests.

    BLK Hospital is the most preferred hospital for breast cancer surgery in India. Most of the patients who have undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer have been completely treated. The therapy should be started during the initial stages of the cancer detection as the problem is easier to treat.