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    Android is among the emerging markets with numerous users across the globe. Currently, the Android application download figures reach a lot more than 10 billion this also reveals the growing interest of individuals in purchasing Android-platform devices. Going through the success of Android phones even mobile-phone manufacturers like Nokia are determined to submit an Android-platform device in coming time. The success behind this mobile main system is not just its user interface and also its Android application development that produces the device truly captivating and interacting.

    The Android applications include apps for business, finance, news, travel, weather, utilities, lifestyle, themes, personal apps, gaming, sports, music, videos, etc. The likes of HTC, Sony, Samsung and Motorola will be the current companies offering AndroidOS. Also, Android database integration has proved resurgence for the above cellular phone companies in competing against Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry.

    Buying an Android phone is actually not costly like an iPhone oral appliance this even aids the cellphone company in attracting maximum variety of customers inside their desk. In short, cost-effective prices are the main component that helps Android in in competition with other smartphone devices. Also the games over this OS platform are widely famous which is one more reason for enhancing in the decision of mobile users in purchasing Android-phones. The IT companies around the globe are gaining high attention in the Android content management as higher the numbers of users; higher involve apps.

    What needs helped the Android market in growing higher?

    · It’s affordable and reasonable compared to iPhone

    · They have interactivity and usability

    · It has scalable applications

    · It really is quick in operations

    · It supports 3D games

    · It enables high-definition screen resolutions

    · Google Play has millions of apps to the users

    · It aids with lots of free applications online

    Exceptional success of Android industry; Google recently changed its title to ‘Google Play’. Here is the website, in which the Android users are downloading a huge number of apps on everyday. It’s the location for the developers to live their apps along with a spot for the users to upload varied Android-based applications.

    Together with the growing usage of smartphone devices and handsets; the need for the applications has risen simultaneously. Today you’ll find growing variety of businesses that genuinely take projects concerning Android database integration and also it assists them in earning great number of money by selling the applications online towards the concerned client or company.

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